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This site assists process practitioners to cope with the many 'buzzwords', models, and frameworks designed to help organisations improve their business performance.

There are many 'Right' answers in the process area. The challenge is to take the best parts of all of the right answers and integrate them into a coherent, sustainable way of managing the business.

Please look at the Big Picture to see how all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

This site provides various links to information related to various Assessment Models, Best Practice Models, Business Processes, training, workshops and software tools to assist with the implementation and improvement of your organisation.

The Management System is an important concept that enables management teams to achieve their goals and understand how the organisation works. This is an important element to establish an integrated solution for an organisation.

Since processes and related tools provide assistance to the employees in an organisation, we are using the help system model for sharing this information to others in the process community.


Demonstrations of the help system model for process information are available to demonstrate many of the concepts covered by this web site. To access the demonstration help systems, please visit our downloads section.

Your feedback is welcome!! Please use the e-mail link at the bottom of each page to provide your feedback.

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