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Process Change

Agile and sustainable Process Change is becoming a critical element of any management system.

Sustainable change usually requires a multi-disciplined approach to making the change. The skills required are generally from the following parts of the organisation:

  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Information Technology (ICT)
  • Quality (Process Improvement and Audit)
  • Finance
  • Programme / Project Management
  • and the Business.

Breakthrough change is a significant challenge where the organisation thinks in departments or silos. Much of the work is around 'unlearning' old ways of working and then learning new ways that integrate across the organisation.

One group looking at the learning organisation is the:

Society of Organizational Learning - (SoL)

The book 'Dance of Change' provides some excellent guidance on the major blocks that occur during the entire change cycle.

Managing Successful Programmes provides some good guidance for establishing 'blueprints' for change.

The life cycle for change is very similar to the software development life cycle. More information can be found in the process assets topic.

Please see the Process-Aide web site for further information on Process Change.

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