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Quality Plan

Specific programmes, projects, functions (departments), contracts, or processes may require a unique controlled environment. The unique controlled environment is generally documented in a Quality Plan.

The unique requirements may be due to:

  • Working with suppliers or customers with different Quality Management Systems
  • New, tailored or unique processes required to deliver the products or services
  • Additional requirements expressed by customer contracts.

A typical quality plan identifies the same types of information as identified in a Quality Manual. Where possible, the Quality Plan should reference existing processes, procedures, etc from one or more relevant Quality Manuals rather than repeating or duplicating the same information in another document.

The unique controlled environment provides documentation on 'how' the work will be conducted not 'what' work will be carried out. This typically includes processes, procedures, standards, guidelines, tools, training materials, etc (See Process Assets).

For example, the typical Project Quality Plan or Programme Quality Plan might include:


Organisation, Roles, and Responsibilities

External standards

Processes, including references to:

Programme Management Processes (including measurement)

Project Management Processes (including measurement)

Lifecycle Processes (including measurement)

(NOTE: these are typically included as references to processes in a Quality Manual).

Configuration Management

Change Management

Records, Auditing, and Assurance

Communication Plan

Specific or unique tools used on the project.

This document could also be called the 'Project's Defined Process'

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