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Please note:

The information available on this site is for personal use in an as is condition with the restriction that where copyrights are indicated, the copyright is included with the material.

As with any sharing of materials, they are accurate from the writers / provider's point of view.  The user of the materials must take care to interpret and apply them to their situation as all projects have their own project organisation and business environment.  They are only provided as guidance and example materials and must be used as such.  There are no warrantees or commitments implied by the use of these materials.

The materials available on this site have been checked to be accurate at the time they have been published.  As with any process or tool, the information can be improved based upon feedback and use.  Updates may be provided as new information or feedback is provided.

Information that is licensed for use (such as DSDM) may be restricted from publishing on this site.  Please submit the information to the related web site.

Where requested, the name of the contributor will be included with the materials provided.

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