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Business Processes

Business Processes describe how an organisation carries out the work identified in a management system.

The work of an organisation is generally defined as a set of activities allocated to various processes identified in the management system. Most best practice processes are Role Based where Process Activities are generally assigned to Roles rather than Jobs. See the Process Assets topic for the structure and materials supporting a process.

The Business Processes generally fall into a number of classes:

Core Processes
(Core Work)

The core processes relate to the unique activities performed by a management team. Examples of Core Processes are:

  • Software development
  • IT Customer Service and Support
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
Team Work Processes

To create task or temporary teams to carry out improvements to the way the business works or deliver products and services to customers. Examples of these proceses are:

Support Processes
(necessary to deliver the core work).

Support Processes provide the support to carryout the core processes. Examples of support processes are:

  • Business Performance Management
  • Purchasing
  • People Management
  • Business Change Life Cycle

The following processes are introduced on this site:

Additional processes and the structure of processes that work are shown in the download available from this site.

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