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Process Assets


Business Processes form the basis for your organisations published or documented Management System.

This Management System describes the way that work will be performed in the organisation.

Most management systems use a 'Process Based' approach. This approach provides a consistent representation of the processes in the management system and then layers into the various elements necessary to understand how to carry out the work (activities) described by the process.

Two of the essential processes in the Process Asset Library are described on this site:

Processes generally consist of :

  • Introduction
  • A Picture of the activities
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Activity Descriptions
  • Glossary

Each business process is supported by additional elements:

  • Policies,
  • Guidelines
  • Procedures
  • Standards
  • Training materials and examples
  • Measurement specifications
  • Tools

More information about the full set of processes and the Process Assets are available in the free download / online demonstration.

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