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Customer Satisfaction GAP

This is the gap between the 'products or services delivered' to fulfil requirements and the 'customer's perception that the requirements have been fulfilled'.

The team translates requirements into a solution (Products or Services) that meet the customer requirements.

Customer Perception of the degree Requirements Fulfilled
GAP Result
Exceeded the requirements have been exceeded, the customer will be delighted with the solution.
Met Requirements fulfilled and customer satisfied.
Not met the requirements have not been met, the customer will not be satisfied and may raise a complaint.

The processes the team uses to translate requirements into a solution are the same processes that manage the customer satisfaction gap. These processes include the capture of requirements to the production of the products or services and the various tests (validation and verification) to ensure that the customers perceptions will be met.

The processes all identified in the management system vary depending upon the types of products or services (solutions) delivered to customers.

Revision: 4.0.1