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Competence and Capability Gap

This is the gap between 'What you say you do' and 'what you actually do'.

In order to effectively manage the customer satisfaction gap, the people on the team must have the competence (ability to apply knowledge and skills) and the capability (ability of an organisation, process or system to fulfill requirements).

Competence gaps Competence gaps arise when people are not trained to use a process or do not know how to apply a process. This may also arise from not understanding the skills and knowledge requirements for a role in a process or team and providing a resource that does not fulfill these requirements.
Capability gaps Capability gaps arise when an organisation, system or process does not have the ability to fulfill requirements. This may be due to inadequate resources, untested or implemented processes, processes that are not fit for purpose or do not interface well together across organisational boundaries.

Revision: 4.0.1